Before independence, the Judicial proceedings were carried on by the Deputy Commissioner who used to grant pleadership "SANAD" after an informal test of respectability and ability. After partition, Assam got her own High Court and Assam Judicial Services was organized under Gauhati High Court. At first, post of an Additional District Judge, Subordinate Judge and Sadar Munsiff was created at Cachar and the district was placed under the District Judgeship of Upper Assam Districts at Jorhat. Later on Cachar got her own District Judgeship. On 7th September, 1955 separate independent judgeship was established at Cachar under Govt. Notification No. LJJ.135/55/23 and LJJ.135/55/24 dated 20th August, 1955 and Shri. S. K. Dutta (B.A[ Calcutta ], B.Sc[ London ], Barrister at Law) became the first District & Sessions Judge of Cachar District Judiciary.

The establishment of District Judge and Chief Judicial Magistrate comprises of 15 Courts manned by Judicial Officers of different grades. The Court of Cachar Judiciary were spread in 4 buildings among which are 1 two-storied building, 2 Assam Type houses and 2 old buildings which before independence were used by Britishers to keep their arms and ammunations.

The other Courts present under Cachar District Judiciary are:
  1. Family Court
  2. Industrial Tribunal
  3. Foreigners Tribunal
  4. District Legal Services Authority